March 18th, 2002


And Off We Go Again...

Well, yesterday was a stresser, and no mistake. A cold, rainy Sunday, punctuated by financial troubles, ennui, and frustrated attempts to find something fun to do that didn't involve spending money. Laurie was in a bad mood, I was in a bad mood, we were both tired ... it was scary.

Things picked up a bit in the evening, tho ... we splurged a bit on "Olive Garden" for dinner (there went the rest of my tips from last week), and just sorta relaxed generally.

I'd say more, except I'm not going to. Le sigh. So instead, I'm just gonna get up this morning, and keep on moving. The world spins around again, and doesn't require my permission to do so. :)

Y'know, as much as I'm an evangelical agnostic, I do rather hope that my belief in reincarnation is founded -- or that there's at least something to look forward to. Human lifetimes are way too short.

-The Gneech
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Plans and Stuff

Well, it's looking like the SJ/TCM Crossover will conclude either at the end of next week, or shortly thereafter. I'll miss it when it's over; Vince is a real pleasure to work with, and a super-talented guy. I hope he and I can collaborate again on future projects.

Once the crossover finishes, I'm going to take a short break, for which I'm going to make an open call for guest strips starting next week. The break will be so I can work to get a little ahead on the next storyline, which is still fuzzy in my mind at the moment, but returns to the bittersweet triangle of Tiffany, Conrad, and Leonard -- remember those characters? :) Drezzer'll probably be popping up in there, too, although I'm not sure yet in what capacity. Some issues that have been running in the strip for quite a while will be addressed -- although who knows if they'll be resolved, or just stirred up again to no avail.

One of these days, I want to do more with the mice. They are secondary characters, yes, but they serve some important functions in the strip. katayamma gave me a cool idea for them that I might pursue.

Speaking of katayamma, I feel bad because I haven't been getting strips to him in time to color for the past week. I would be able to do it tomorrow, except I'm going to spend all day tomorrow standing in line at the Virginia Unemployment Commission again, this time in a vain effort to make them go away and leave me alone. I wish now I'd never started taking their tainted money to begin with, but instead had taken some kind of placeholder job like the Starbucks one the moment I got laid off from LifeMinders. They've been nothing but a giant pain.

Oh well, lesson for next time. *sigh* I have too many "lessons for next time" in my life, and not enough "did it right the first times."

As for my writing, I haven't even had a chance to do anything with it since writing the first scene of the new story idea, and my schedule for the upcoming week doesn't instill much confidence that I'll have that chance. Maybe next week.

I'm going to bed early tonight, 'cause I'm still wiped out from yesterday, and have a long day of standing in line to rest up for tomorrow.

G'nite, LiveJournal. G'nite, Computer. G'nite, Moon...

-The Gneech
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