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March 19th, 2002

Could Be Worse :3

Well, I got tomorrow's SJ to katayamma earlier than I expected -- although he wasn't around to receive it. Hopefully he'll get it before he has to go to work.

So now I'm off to VEC. Wish me luck. :) Then, when I get back, assuming I have time before I have to go pick up Laurie, I'm doing the weekly scour-the-want-ads-and-every-online-employment-site for another job. Starting next week, I'm due to get morning shifts only. So not only will it not pay, but I will hate it and be living on the verge of exhaustion[1].

Sigh. I've only had the job a month. It's too early for it to be screwed this way. Usually that doesn't happen for at least six months.

I remember a couple of years ago, saying, "There was work before the web, there'll be work after the web." After all, I'd been making my living doing proposals and newsletters for government contractors, and I'd never lacked for business.

Still, it could be worse. I have somewhere to live and the ability to keep climbing the ladder. By this time next year, I'll probably be at least back up to $30k one way or another -- I just wish it was like that right now.

Oh well, there's only one way to get that, so I better get started. Later, all!

-The Gneech

[1] One hour of a Starbucks morning shift is more tiring than an entire evening shift put together. Besides the never-ending stream of people coming in the front door, and the never-ending stream of people coming through the drive-through, various other people on the morning shift have "issues" -- i.e., at least three of the morning shift regulars each think they are the only person who can do anything and they run around screwing everything up that anyone else tries to do. The evening shift regulars, on the other hand, understand the concept of teamwork ... they supplement and support each other, instead of negating and contradicting each other. I'm going to miss the evening shifts. :(


Well, it was a short visit -- "Here, fill out this form." But inconclusive. I still have to go to a hearing on April 1st. Appropriate date.

Oh well, at least I have the rest of the afternoon for job hunting. So off I go! -TG
"Deleriously happy" was always my favorite answer to that question. "Filthy rich" was a good second choice.

However, over the course of my life, I have had many things I wanted to be.

My earliest one that I remember was "an astronaut." In fact, I wanted to be the first person on Jupiter. (Yes, I know, re: Jupiter. But I was five, okay?) So what does this have to do with Bambi?Collapse )

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