March 25th, 2002


Okay, So TODAY I'll Draw

I couldn't concentrate yesterday, so I just gave up and spent most of the day watching Jackie Chan movies and playing "Revenant." It's a fun enough game, but largely unspectacular. It has an interesting background and some nice rendered cutscenes, but the gameplay itself is not that exciting, and the voice acting is kind of silly. Every time the main character engages in dialogue, I think of the movie Clue:

COL. MUSTARD: There's no need to shout!
WADSWORTH: I'M NOT SHOUTING! ... (look) ... OKAY, I'M SHOUTING! I'M SHOUTING! I'M SHOU-- (thunk! as a candlestick falls on his head and knocks him out)

Still, it must be doing something right, because I'm about halfway through and it's still holding my attention, which Baldur's Gate fails to do.

Anyway, as soon as I narf down some lunch and something for this headache, I'm going to get started on the various things I didn't do yesterday. Lately I find it hard to concentrate unless I've got the house to myself.

-The Gneech
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