March 26th, 2002


Late Update, Before I Hit the Hay

I am finally going to get trained at Starbucks, starting tomorrow. A little bird told me today that one of the shift supervisors may be moving on to something else, and that I am being groomed as the replacement. That would mean a slight rise in pay, but more importantly, a title and supervisory experience, which will look good on a resume. I suspect the rumor is true, because the store manager today started explaining to me how to do daily deposits -- which is not a Barista function. However, until I'm told anything officially, I'm not counting my chickens.

The only problem is, they'd want me to be on the morning shift, and it's killing me already. I'm too tired to do any meaningful writing, and I'm just going to get more tired as this goes on. Sleeping in the afternoon doesn't cut it, and I hate to sacrifice what little time I have to myself to the Bed God anyway. I've got to find a solution before exhaustion triggers my depression again.

Cartooning news:

Got the last crossover strip drawn and sent off to katayamma today ... I miss it already! Waaaaaaaah! Also, I'm getting plenty of guest strips for my little break, which is cool. I hope to get at least two of my overdue commissions done by this time next week, T'Chall's and Level Head's, since they've been waiting the longest. My next priority will then be creating the t-shirt artwork, followed by finishing off the rest of my commissions.

Personal life news:

No gaming again this weekend; Laurie's parents are coming up to visit for Easter on Sunday, which means I better not stay up late Saturday night. Then, Monday, I've got that stupid hearing at the VEC to deal with. Job hunting yesterday was a bust; I'm starting to get really discouraged about that. All I want is a fairly normal day job, working something like 8:30 - 5:00 and getting paid at least $30k. I've got lots of useful skills, I'm dedicated and pleasant to work with ... so why can't I find anything?

Of course, I'd rather have the $45k I was making at LifeMinders; but at this stage, 2/3 my former salary is still a massive improvement over what I'm making now.

Off to bed. G'nite.

-The Gneech
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