March 27th, 2002


Starbucks Update -- Good News! :3

Well, I was officially notified today that I'm going to be made a shift supervisor, and that I was going to be the store's "communication specialist." What that boils down to is that it will be my job to make sure that communications from corporate headquarters get out to everybody, people are kept "in the know" about the special promotions and such going on, everybody's up to speed on their training, etc. (How's that for ironic?)

What's even better, is that I was told that I'd generally be doing mid-day shifts -- i.e., coming in mid- to late-morning, instead of at oh-dark-thirty. Woohoo! :3

Anyway, I'm not sure when it's going to be official ... I gather there are some training and administrative details that need to be hashed out first ... but I got a big chunk of my "learning journey" booklet done today, so things are looking up on that score.

-The Gneech
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Revenant Review -- Mostly Mediocre

Well, I finished Revenant tonight, staying up late in the hopes of catching Vince. (Not successful in that regard, alas.)

This game came out in 1999 and was considered quite cutting edge at the time, IIRC. I bought it a month or two ago out of a sale bin for $7.99 -- and feel I got a good deal.

See, the thing is, a lot of the stuff about Revenant probably looked a lot cooler on paper than it actually came out to be during play. The premise is engaging, the world background is neat and evocative, and the game has a beautiful opening CGI sequence.

From there, well, the shine starts to fade a bit. Collapse )
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