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March 28th, 2002

It's a Nice Day

Bright blue sky, plenty of sunshine, temperature in the low '60s, a light breeze. I got more training done at work today, and was informed that my first day as a shift supervisor, assuming things go to plan, is a week from Sunday.

I'm a bit sleepy now, so I'll probably go take a nap so I'll be awake and able to function tonight. Having finished Revenant and done some of that relaxing I had in mind to do, it's time to get back into the swing of things by working on some of my commissions; I'll probably start doing that tonight.

That's my day, today ... pleasant and angst-free. And they said it couldn't be done!

-The Gneech

Parental Units

Today is my dad's birthday. He was 45 when I was born, which means he must be 77 now. Yeek! I would like to see him more often, I don't get to much ... but that requires wading through my mother, which can be difficult.

Well, I'll get to see the both of them on Sunday, and Laurie's parents besides. Laurie and both sets of in-laws and I are all getting together for an Easter lunch/dinner thingie here, with food supplied by Laurie's mom. I might try to arrange to have some goodies from Starbucks on hand.

Hmm ... no Vince again tonight. I wonder if he's stuck at work.

-The Gneech

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