March 29th, 2002


9,720 Orcs

Just stopping briefly at home to have lunch before going to training for the rest of the afternoon. Today was scary at work; more later. But I just had to stick a URL here: Munchkin d20! Funstupid. :)

Now, to catch a 20 minute nap before spending more of my day working for da yankee dollah ... oh, me aching back.

-The Gneech
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Fun With Pseudoscience

Just finished watching a program on TLC about giants, particularly the notion that there used to be a giant subrace of humans, or multiple giant subraces of humans, who were dwindling by early historical times and are extinct now. This should hardly be exciting ... world mythology, the Bible, etc., all talk about populations of giants, and today there are still giants, such as the Watusi. Heck, by the standard of many cultures of not-too-long-ago, we are ALL giants! Collapse )