April 3rd, 2002


Gee, Back to Bed Already?

Well, stumbled home at about 4:00 p.m. ... snoozed until Laurie came home, then snoozed some more until dinner was ready (erf; I had meant to help make it). We spent the evening watching the first Cardcaptor Sakura feature-length film, which takes place during the first "season" of the show (before Kero has regained his true form). I enjoyed it; I actually enjoy the Japanese version of the show quite a bit. The English version is just too disjointed (since they had to cut out all those pesky same-sex attractions floating around lest they scar the poor, sensitive American kids -- BAH!).

Anyway, now it's off to bed again, to rest up for another day of foaming lattes. Here, take my life, I'm not using it.

Time to Change Gears! Here's Some Random Kung-Fu Trivia...

The character of Wong Fei Hung appears in the "Once Upon a Time in China" movies, played by Jet Li, in "The Legend of Drunken Master," played by Jackie Chan, and in "Iron Monkey," played by a 15-year old girl named Tsang Sze-man. Wong Fei Hung was a real person, a kung fu master and chi gong healer, who was something of a Robin Hood figure of his time and has taken on something of a legendary status in China. Read about him here.

Wing Chun, the style of kung fu I studied for a while, was created by a nun named Ng Mui and named after her student, Yim Wing Chun, a woman who was played by Michelle Yeoh in the movie (get ready!) Wing Chun. The movie has little if anything to do with the actual Yim Wing Chun -- but Michelle Yeoh does perform genuine Wing Chun maneuvers in the movie ... I got quite a kick out of watching it and going, "Hey, she just did a Fook Sau! That's one of the moves I know! Woohoo!" The term Wing Chun means "beautiful springtime."

The person who was teaching me (Jay) was a student of a student of Master Samuel Kwok, who was in turn a student of Grandmaster Yip Chun, the son of Great Grandmaster Yip Man. Unfortunately, I don't know who Jay's sifu is. However, I can trace my "lineage" in the training, what little I have, all the way back to Ng Mui, as documented in Master Kwok's book, The Path to Wing Chun.

While I'm thinking about it, I'll mention that Wing Chun was the style of Kung Fu that Bruce Lee started with, and there is a lot of Wing Chun to be found in Lee's art, Jeet Koon Do.

-The Gneech, standing up by applying Double Back Gum Sau to the seat of his chair and heading off to bed
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