April 13th, 2002


Ker-KLACK ... and more writing

Well, that was fun. :) Went over to Breakers Billiards with Camstone for a few games, since jamesbarrett is still away opening a new Ruby's somewhere in the far depths of Washington, D.C., thus preventing any D&D this weekend. It was fun and pleasant; I had some Bailey's, we played five games, I lost four. Alas, as a pool player, I'm a fine martial artist. On the whole, gaming is still a better amount of fun for your money than billiards anyhow. ;)

Meanwhile, on the writing front, I'm thinking I would like to come up with some kind of an interesting hook upon which to hang my world. So far, it's quite generic ... I want something unique about it, that I can then tie into the hero.

For example, Star Wars has the Force, Jedi Knights, and so forth as its unique hook. Therefore, its hero (or heroes, as the case may be) all relate to that hook one way or another.

For another example, there is a fairly well-known anime called Nausicaa, which takes place on a postapocalyptic Earth populated mostly by giant insects. I've only seen bits and pieces of it, but I gather that its epinymous heroine, Nausicaa, is someone who tames and/or rides these insects -- thus, the world's hook, and the story's hero, inextricably linked. That makes a world click, and a hero click. For further examples, consider the E.E. "Doc" Smith's Lensmen, the bold goers of Star Trek, Muad'dib, etc.

This hook, whatever it is, is likely to shape, inform, and in turn be shaped by the theme of the story ... I imagine that I'll pretty much end up creating them both together.

Right now, I've got a young hero who's been afflicted by a strange curse of black fire ... the general idea of, "when good countries go bad," and the desire to have some sort of a warrior elite who've been turned on and pretty much wiped out by the new regime of said country.

Hmm ... this could work. The Brotherhood of the Morning Star is a scholarly lot; the hero has been struck by this bizarre demonic curse, and has no idea how to get rid of it. Where to go for the answer? To the Brotherhood, of course! But, the Brotherhood has been wiped out by the evil new regime ... so hero has to go searching for a member of the order, which in turn gets him in trouble...

Yes, I think this has potential. :) More bulletins as events warrant.

-The Gneech