April 15th, 2002


Starrr Buckin', Across the Universe...

There's lattes off the starboard bow,
starboard bow,
starboard bow...



Anyway, off to work pretty much all day today. However, I managed to get in some weight lifting this morning (yay), and I'll have my SJ notebook with me to work on some more draft strips on my lunch break.

Tonight and tomorrow, my focus will be on the job hunt; Wednesday, I will draw the SJ strips for next week and work on getting my sh*t together for Anthrocon, since the deadline is rapidly approaching.

Then, it's back to work Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun...

I'm glad I have the job; it's keeping me solvent. But I'll be even gladder when I have a better one.

-The Gneech
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Symbols, and Stuff

Sauron, the dark lord of Middle Earth, exists in Lord of the Rings only in spirit form, as an enormous round eye ringed with fire, an all-seeing eye that sees more than just the physical world.

And what is the physical manifestation of Sauron? The One Ring ... a round circle of gold that reveals runes in fire ... the wearing of which hides you from physical sight and lets you see into the spirit world.

Man, there's a lot of symbolism packed in there. I don't know how much is intentional and how much just naturally came forth from Tolkien's mastery of literature, but it's an amazingly compact, tightly-constructed image.

And, it has some humorous side-effects. I have this mental image of Frodo's occasional donning of the ring (by slipping his finger through it) to be something like poking Sauron in the eye. >:) But that may just be my perverse nature. Collapse )