April 23rd, 2002


Oh, my achin' back.

Starbucks has been a bear the past few days. Yesterday, a new guy who'd worked something like three days (and not particularly busy days at that) told the manager half way through his shift, "Sorry, I can't take it any more," and walked out. Poof, just like that.

So, all week this week, we're going to be short staffed. It wouldn't be that bad, except the manager is also out of town the rest of the week for some sort of "leadership conference." So we're doubly short staffed.

Today, the shift supervisor at another store (the shift supervisor!) was a no-show, so one of our shift supervisors went over there to run that store, instead of working her shift at our store.

As you might guess, today was a rough day. I konked my head on the drive-through window at least three times, and one of those times was hard enough to make me light headed; and my lower back has been giving me grief for all the leaning out the window I did.

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