May 6th, 2002

Kero asleep

Owie ... owie ... owie...

People have hit the ground after their parachute failed to open and taken less damage than I have taken so far just working at Starbucks. On top of my morning ritual of hitting my head hard on the drive-thru window two or three times a day, today I konked my right knee so hard that I saw stars, got a vicious headache, and have been limping ever since. You remember how my left foot was numb in spots? Well, now my right foot is, too. I'm hoping that will pass as the bruise on my right knee subsides.

I am quite thoroughly exhausted now and going off to do my afternoon coma. I have got to find something better than this, before it does damage that I can't heal.

See you after my nap...

-The Gneech
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