May 15th, 2002

Kero Power Tie

Status Report

Well, I went on my interview thingie, and then on the afternoon courier run ... everything seemed perfectly smooth to me. Kim (the woman interviewing me) was already saying such things as "When you start -- er, I mean, assuming we offer you the job and you accept it..." :) I'm going to assume that's a good sign.

The pay is still below my eventual desired minimum of $30k ... it works out to something like $26k, which is in the same neighborhood of what I was making when I last worked at Circle ... back in 1993. Life is a strange series of circular motions. :)

However, this is just another stepping stone; they know that and are fine with it ... they're already looking for ways to plug me in to the I.T. department. What this is, really, is an early escape from Starbucks more than anything else.

The job would be easy, boring even ... which is actually what I prefer, given that I'm allowed to do other stuff during the slow periods. (I wrote my first novella pretty much while sitting around at TRW.) I don't like to have to think about my day job too much ... its purpose is to pay the bills, and once that's done, get the heck out of my way. I will do it to the best of my ability, I always do, but I hope that doesn't tax the rest of my resources that I need for my "real work," as opposed to just "my job."

If I get the job, that will make both AC and Dragon*Con much easier to handle; and once those have passed, I should be able to afford those kung-fu classes I've been wanting since last year.

Life continues moving onward and upward, steady as she goes...

-The Gneech