May 25th, 2002


Rumors of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

...No thanks to Starbucks. Apparently, they decided that if I was leaving, they'd smack me around a bit, so I've been pretty much at work all the time, and at home catatonic all the rest of the time. No strips, no writing, no gaming tonight, no fun, no nothing, no kidding. I had Friday off, thank goodness, but I was so wiped out that all I did was play computer games and lounge around the house trying to remember how to spell my own name. I'm fine, and actually pretty chipper all things considered, just super-duper busy.

I have tomorrow off, and then work Starbucks M - Th, then my new job starts on Friday. I have no idea if I'll be around any more this week than I was last week; I hope I can be, 'cause I miss everyone, I miss my strips, and I miss D&D.

*hugs his friends, just 'cause*

-The Gneech
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