June 5th, 2002

Kero Power Tie

Here Comes the Rain Again...

Well, a bunch of rain fell on my head like a new emotion, and it was accompanied by ferocious thunder and lightning and lots of wind. The storm only lasted about 20 minutes, but it flooded our porch and was generally scary. Now it's quiet and serene out there. Go fig.

Now seems as good a time as any to check my progress against the rough draft of goals I set out back in April.

By the End of the Month...

  • Make arrangements for Dragon*Con, including tax forms
    ...this was a typo. It was supposed to be AnthroCon. I don't need the tax forms because I turned my dealer's table back in for someone else to use. But pretty much all the rest of my arrangements are made.

  • Get all current commissions out of the way
    ...hasn't happened, le sigh. I'm hoping to rectify that with the free time I have on the new job.

  • Have t-shirts under construction, or at least artwork finished
    ...got dropped. There was no way I could get anything done on them while working at Starbucks. We'll see how it goes for the future.

  • Send "La Vida Panthera" corrections to Dave for second printing
    ...is way overdue. As are corrections for "Childproof the Unicorns." I suck. Better get moving on this one.

By the End of Summer...

  • Get a day job in an office environment somewhere in Reston, paying a minimum of $30k
    ...well, almost. $26k. I have some progress to make here, but I need a break from job-hunting. Circle is good enough to mark this one as "done" for the time being.

  • Use funds from said day job to return to kung fu training
    ...I have the school picked out. I think classes are going to have to wait until October or so, to make sure Dragon*Con and moving to a new place happen without a hitch first.

  • Use funds from said day job to begin payments on a new car for Laurie
    ...I don't think this will happen just yet. I need to upgrade the job a bit more first.

  • Have the basic outline worked up for a series of at least three fantasy novels; the more the better
  • Begin the first draft of Book One
    ...I made some major progress on this earlier this week. I think this one will not only be done, but probably ahead of schedule by the end of summer.

So lessee... the revised goals now become:

  • Revive SJ

  • Once my benefits get settled at Circle (tomorrow, hopefully), find a doctor and get this numbness in my left foot figured out. Hopefully, it's just a pinched nerve, and not some degenerative brain disease or something! :P

  • Get required materials to Dave Allen this week

  • Get commissions done ASAP -- having them hanging over my head isn't doing my stress levels any good. Must -- eliminate -- guilt!

  • Re-establish lagged exercise routine. The Starbucks schedule blasted it, but I've got regular (and very forgiving) hours now, so it's time to get back on the weight wagon. Once the kung fu does start, I don't want to spend the first three months of classes leaning against the wall having a heart attack.

  • Get logistics arranged for Dragon*Con. (AC is more or less done.)

  • Work on the move.

As general lifestyle adjustments, I've also got to take better care of my teeth (I haven't had dental coverage since leaving LifeMinders. Bleah.), figure out something to do with my now very long and shaggy mane, and get to bed earlier.

[edit: Laurie adds, "Have a little fun once in a while. And give yourself enough time to do all of this stuff."]

Knowing me, I'm probably forgetting something. :) But that's okay, life will remind me of it sooner or later.

G'nite, everyone, and have a terrific tomorrow!

-The Gneech
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