June 25th, 2002

Kero asleep

Yummy, Delicious Sleep

Don't wanna be here
I wanna sleep
To be Rip Van Winkle
who needs sheep
Into slumber
wonderfully deep
I'd lay down
and gently creep
Nothing would I say
not a peep
Fatigue from me
would slowly seep
As I snore away
in a bundled heap
Ne'er to be awakened
by the alarm clock's beep
Ne'er out of bed
again to leap
The benefits of rest
I'd love to reap
But instead I must work,
so here I weep
Because I don't wanna be here
I wanna sleep

-The Gneech <-- stayed up too late again
Yue grim

Not So Nifty


This kind of crap is why I wish the U.S. had a decent libertarian party, instead of The Immoral Mobsters vs. The Reactionary Police State.

And don't tell me it's some kind of "Bush vs. Gore" nonsense, because a Gore administration would be doing exactly this same crap right now. It's all about control; whether the tyrants on the left or the tyrants on the right have it, they both agree on that one aspect.

There are two phrases I keep remembering as things progress in this country. I don't know who said them, but whoever it was knew what they were talking about:

Those who give up liberty for security, end up with neither.


The last act of any democracy will be to elect a dictator.


-The Gneech
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