July 2nd, 2002

Kero asleep

Look Out, There's the Bottom -- THUNK

Oh well, at least on the bright side, that means I can start going back up again.

Yesterday I had a big emotional and somewhat physical crash. To recover, I needed today off, all to myself, to do as I saw fit, without having to answer to anyone for anything, even within the confines of my own mind.

I get this way every once in a while; it wouldn't be a problem, except that it always seems to happen on the days when I need to be at my best, not at my worst.

Tomorrow is a big day for Suburban Jungle. The strip going up tomorrow has been written for something like two years, waiting for the plot to get around to it. I also have a Keenspot newsbox tomorrow, which I originally acquired for A Certain Project(tm) which has now been pushed back just a bit.

The newsbox and tomorrow's SJ should have been done Monday evening at the latest. Instead, because of emotional crash, I just finished getting the strip to Hikaru, after whipping it out in record time. I posted the newsbox info to the KS gods at 10:00 p.m. my time ... roughly 24 hours past due.

In short, I suck.

However, as soon as Hikaru gets the strip back to me it's going up, and then I'm off to bed. Hopefully today is the worst it's going to get, and when I get up tomorrow, I'll be back to the happy bouncy guy I was this time last month.

I got confirmation back today of my dealer table for Midwest Furfest. I almost wish that they'd said "no" instead. I am very dubious as to my ability to go, at this stage. All the money I was planning to use for t-shirts has mysteriously vanished in a sea of bills. I have two big extravagances this past month: Neverwinter Nights and the video card ... which come to somewhere in the neighborhood of $125. But I've got $700 in extra income ... so where the hell did it go? Why am I broke???

There's something mighty peculiar going on around here. :-`

Being broke is going to make renting that car to take up to AnthroCon quite the adventure, too. :P

Oh well, I'll work out an installment loan from HantaMouse or something. ;P But I'm definitely too tired to think straight about it tonight. I'll try again tomorrow.

G'nite everybody.

-The Gneech