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July 16th, 2002

Are You Receiving? I Am...

To be more explicit, I am at the receptionist station today, because she's out sick. Hopefully it will be pretty slow, so maybe I can get some sketching done.

Was up way late chatting with Vince last night, which was nice, 'cause it had been a while, but now leaves me with the prospect of trying to stay awake at what was voted Most Boring Post In the Company 17 years running. ;)

Oh well, at least I'm not at Starbucks! ;)

-The Gneech

*THUNK* zzzzzzzzzz

I've been playing around with some concepts for commission pics, specifically the Fursona Portrait for lowen_kind and the Gnorman Gnome pic for Azriphale. I definitely need some reference pics for both of these ideas, tho, and I can't exactly go searching for them here.

Without that ability, my brain has started shutting down as the afternoon grinds on ... I am now repeatedly dozing off as I sit here, which is not a good thing.

I need to go to the grocery store tonight on the way home -- bleah. I want to just go home, ink a strip for tomorrow, then go to bed! Instead, I'm going to be up late tonight, I can tell already.

Oh well, at least Laurie will be driving on the way to the store, so maybe I can get a few winks then.

-The Gneech

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