July 20th, 2002

Kero asleep

Status Report

Went over to the mall with Mrs. Gneech to do a 30-minute walk (it's way too friggin' nasty to walk outside), then had lunch at jamesbarrett's Ruby Tuesday. I tried the crabcake appetizer for the first time. :) Not bad, but hard to get along with.

Then came home and started to draw like there's no tomorrow. Strips for Monday and Wednesday are posted for katayamma to color, and I think the second panel for Monday's came out particularly well, which always brightens my day. :)

I think a short nap is in order -- starting to get a bit bleary-eyed, and I need to get the T-shirt design drawn this weekend. I think I'm going to go with the "Tiff in a button-down" image. It ties in with the fact that it's going on a shirt, it lets Tiffany show off, and it's a wonderfully striking image.

Sometime tonight we're hopefully going to see MIB II; Frisk, Camstone, and HantaMouse have all been invited as well, so it may turn into quite the little gathering. That would make a nice stand-in for gaming -- and as long as next weekend stays fairly clear for D&D, I don't mind missing it again this week.

I think that covers everything for the moment. Catcha later!

-The Gneech
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