July 24th, 2002


Trendy Gayness?

Okay ... one radio station this morning featured one of the morning bubbleheads talking about her attraction to another woman. On another station, the morning bubbleheads were doing a call-in "Dating Game" type of thing for guys searching for other guys.

You could say that this is an indication of progress, in terms of orientation being just another trait a person has, like eye color or whether they prefer stuffing to potatoes, so I guess this is a positive thing, kinda sorta. But I have my reservations.

See, these are the same bubbleheads who, when they want to denigrate a behavior or style, say "That is so gay!" The whole atmosphere on both stations was a sophomoric "Hey aren't we being hip and rebellious by broaching this taboo topic on the air? Aren't we edgy?"

As Drezzer would say, "They're not laughing with us, dear, they're laughing at us."

Still, those particular bubbleheads aside, it seems like gayness is everywhere these days ... movies, TV shows, supermarket tabloids ... and more often than not, the gay characters are basically sympathetic, if still often considered oddballs. This beats, say, always being creepy villains or idiotic "comic" relief.

I guess that homosexuality has reached the stage that, say, being a jew reached somewhere in the '70s and '80s ... for a while it was tres' hip to be Woody Allen, Gene Wilder, etc. Nowadays it's passe. "The jewish thing" has been done and popular culture is quite saturated with the message "Anti-Semitism Is Bad." So is homosexuality the next cause celibre?

If it is, I'd guess that it's worth putting up with the bubbleheads; next week they'll be back to making booger jokes anyway.

-The Gneech