July 25th, 2002

Kero asleep

Deadlines, Lifelines, Sidelines

Well, tomorrow's strip is up and ready to go; now I can relax a bit and start doing that odd thing known as "getting ahead." Somebody ElseTM is going to be taking care of things for me for a bit, which will hopefully give me the time I need to redo the SJ site and generally work without deadlines for a while.

I am going to keep drawing three strips a week -- but they're strips that will run later. By this time next month, assuming the dam don't bust and the creek don't rise, I should have something like 12 strips in the can and ready to roll by the time I take back the helm.

This is a Very Good Thing, for many reasons, not the least of which is NO MORE OUTAGES! At least for a while, I'll have a constant reserve of strips ready at all times -- so if I can't draw on Tuesday, it doesn't mean there's no strip on Wednesday! The key, however, will be to maintain that lead, if not build on it -- and I have some cunning plans in the works to do just that very thing. :)

I have a ton of stuff happening in the next two months, in terms of both SJ and just myself. T-shirts, buttons, flyers being made for DragonCon, the con itself, and of course Laurie and I are moving ... plus there are lots of little projects on the side such as finishing commissions and working ahead towards future cons. It's going to be a crazy August/September for me ... but if I can just through to October, I'll be in a much better situation all around than I have been for some time ... so wish me luck!

Anyway, it's bedtime now. G'nite!

-The Gneech
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