August 2nd, 2002

Boromir battle

All Part of My Diabolical Plan, Mwuuhuuhuuhahaaa!

My sinister plot to bore everyone who reads my journal into submission[1] continues with ... a report of what happened today!


Actually, aside from having my brain blown to bits by a video of Leonard Nimoy singing about the bravest little hobbit of them all, it was a pretty dull morning. Emotionally, I've still been riding high since last night; I spent the morning pretty much bopping to the ol' MP3 jukebox and happily banging away on this M$ Word project -- and for me to include "happily" and "M$ Word" in the same sentence indicates just how high I was riding. However, I'd like state for the record that I do not use nor endorse mind-altering substances. Except from Starbucks.

Anyhow, the regular courier decided he wanted the afternoon off, so I made the regular Rockville run this afternoon and am back from that and trying to decide what to do with my evening / weekend. Laurie and I have so little money that anything more expensive than, say, sleeping, is pretty much out of the question, and I have a ton of drawing to do. More urgently, we have to start doing our new-home-looking in earnest this weekend.

Due to an unfortunate loss, Camstone has canceled gaming this weekend; jamesbarrett wants to do some sort of alternate get-together, however, since he's been sitting around home all alone with HantaMouse and Mütti off in the wastelands of Florida. I'm sorta stuck for ideas ... I want to see Stuart Little 2 while it's still in theaters, but Frisk ain't interested, and I have very limited "discretionary" hours this weekend.

Speaking of gaming, did you know that it's The Year of the Drow? Neither did I until today -- but I am very jazzed that it is, since they are the main villains of my D&D game. My campaign is set in a homebrew world where the existence of the drow is a secret that has just recently been revealed to the heroes ... and the more they learn, the less they like! I don't want to give away too many spoilers here, but suffice to say, I am greatly looking forward to the City of the Spider-Queen adventure due to be released by WotC in the next few months. I purchased the current Dragon magazine a couple of weeks ago, which centers on the drow as part of the marketing for City of the Spider-Queen, and I'm already using stuff from it.

How very accomodating of WotC to publish a ton of drow stuff, just for me! =^.^=

Oh, also, Jamis Buck's NPC Generator is back online. This and its associated tools comprise one of the most useful gaming sites I've found, and I've been looking! Thanks, Jamis! As soon as I get a positive cashflow going again, I'm going to contribute some sort of user fee for this valuable service.


Well, that appears to be all for the moment. Catcha later, all!

-The Gneech

[1] Why would I want to do such a thing, you ask? Well, once everyone has become so bored by my posts that they don't pay the slightest attention to anything I say, I can start posting all my dark secrets secure in the knowledge that nobody will be listening anyway. Sinister, ne? I would make a terrific Evil Genius Bent On World Conquest!

Actually, for quite some time, I did affect just a persona. My signature line was, "I am the greatest megalomaniac the world has ever seen!!!" and I used to talk about such things as launching mind-control satellites. Unfortunately, several other Evil Geniuses started showing up on the scene, ranging from MST3K's Dr. Forrester to Mike Myers' "Dr. Evil." Oh, and of course, Uncle Kage. It went from being a cool, wacky kind of counter-culture thing to do, to being passé. "Oh, you're an Evil Genius, too, eh? Making jokes about putting heroes into deathtraps and putting Self Destruct Buttons on everything ... yawn. Get in line, Jack."

The supreme irony, it seems to me, is that now I apparently have the reputation of being something of a goody-goody snuggybear type of person, which I have a hard time picturing, myself. I'm a vicious, snarly bastard! Grr! (See?)
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