August 30th, 2002

Kero asleep

Mmm ... Narcotics :P

Ibuprofen: three Advil every six hours

Valium: one tablet every eight hours (with a meal)

Vicodin: one tablet every four hours (with a meal)

Do not drink alcohol, drive, or operate heavy machinery

Rest, but do not spend all day in bed; try not to stay in any one position for very long

The good news is, after last night's dosage and some heavy-duty sleep, not to mention all the warm fuzzies sent my way =^.^= I am already feeling much better. I expect to go to Atlanta today. Woohoo!

Thanks, everybody. :) Gotta go take my meds now. CYA!

-The Gneech
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    Laurie watching "Hamtaro" in the other room
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