September 8th, 2002

Kero asleep

I Can't Roll Dice! >:P

jamesbarrett ran D&D tonight, and it was frustrating -- not because of anything he did, but because I can't friggin' roll dice. And apparently, neither can Camstone, which is a bad combination when we're the only two players. His character and mine spent most of the Big Climactic Battle standing around ineffectually while the NPCs got all the good hits. Again, not because of anything Frisk set up, but because of the dice.

"I roll a 5." "Nope, you miss."

"I roll an 8 to overcome the hag's SR." "Nope, she shrugs off the spell."

"I roll a 2." "Nope, you didn't make your skill check."

Camstone did finally manage to turn the tide at the very end by making a very nice critical hit, which I followed up with a solid hit of my own ... setting it up for an NPC to make the killing blow.

Frisk was getting frustrated, too ... he's not the sort of DM who revels in watching his players flail around ineffectively. He set up a very fair situation, gave us lots of breaks, and we just blundered in and screwed up anyway.

On the good side, we got one of our favorite NPC party members back, and he's got a cool new miniature to boot. Tyro (think "Cronk" from The Emperor's New Groove) was an NPC sent along to beef up our party a bit at low levels by our first employer, and when we left the person's employ, Tyro went with him, and we've missed the big lug. It didn't help things when the employer turned out to be evil and trying to use us as patsies. Tyro, bless his big, dumb heart, just never quite caught on to what was going on. Fortunately, he's back with us now, and the former employer must resort to sending bounty hunters after us.

(Now that was a cool encounter, the bounty hunter I mean. I think it will be one of my faves in this game. That, and the black dragon.)

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