September 10th, 2002

Yue grim


I want to go to MFF. I am registered for a dealer table; but I don't have money for travel.

The shirts, as far as I know, barely moved at D*C ... but I suspect they'd do well at MFF.

If a new job magically materializes in October, I'd probably have enough to go to MFF, but on my current salary, we are not making our expenses.

I could try to do some auction pics, but if I'm going to be doing drawings, I should instead be cleaning out that friggin' commission backlog. NOTE TO MYSELF: Don't take commissions any more. Do sketches at cons.

Every M-W-F for the rest of September, I am going to the chiropractor to get this stupid back injury taken care of. Ugh. That basically means that I have maybe an hour of free time those evenings. That, combined with moving means no rest for me this month.

Well, on the upside, there seems to be little to no work for me at work right now, so I can at least spend the time here trying to squeeze in writing and drawing when there isn't somebody standing in my cubicle at me. I'll go ahead and get started on that now. Goal for today: I'm going to have LK's fursona portrait fully sketched, and find a few reference shots for Azriphale's pic.

Just keep telling yourself, "It's better than when you were at Starbucks." Remember that less than six months ago, you were doing almost no writing or drawing at all, and bankruptcy was a real possibility. Today is a BETTER day, even if you don't feel so great about it. Now get to work.

-The Gneech
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Status Report

Well, I have a pencil sketch done for lowen_kind fursona portrait commish, and to be honest, I like it a lot more as a sketch than I think I'm likely to as a finished piece ... something about it has a very organic quality, and there's something about LK's personality that lends itself more to sketch than toon.

I think what I may do is color this one "as is" with my colored pencils, adding more hints of color, shaded spots and highlights, than to ink and color it the way I normally do. It's a departure from my usual technique, but I think it'll be good.

I just hope he likes it!

-The Gneech <-- doesn't have a scanner at work, or he'd slap a preview image up
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Kero Power Tie


I am currently reading Telling Lies for Fun and Profit: A Manual for Fiction Writers by Lawrence Block and, so far, enjoying it much more than I was enjoying Game of Thrones. Today, I came upon a quote that I want to put up on a Post-It somewhere:

"I sometimes sustain myself by pitting one fear against another and reminding myself that not finishing the thing at all is far more to be dreaded than finishing it poorly. This seems to be a way I can acknowledge the fear and harness it to my benefit."

-The Gneech
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The Anniversary

I just finished Wednesday's strip. I couldn't think of anything to say that hadn't been said already, so all I did was put down what I remember feeling a year ago. The feelings are still there, actually ... no longer an acute pain, just a kind of quiet ache, but doing Wednesday's strip brought it back into my consciousness.

I was not personally affected by Sept. 11 ... which is to say, I didn't lose any relatives, friends, or associates, although I know people who did. But it did have a profound and lasting effect on me.

Wednesday's strip isn't going to shed any new light on Sept. 11, nor make any grand statement of profound truth. But for all the people out there who went through what I did that day, I hope it will at least give a bit of comfort to know that they weren't alone.

-The Gneech