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September 25th, 2002

In Praise of Sleep

I feel much better today. I had a hard time dropping off to sleep last night, due to stressful stuff going on that I don't really feel like discussing here, but once I was actually asleep, THUNK! zzzzzzzzz...

Today and tomorrow are the big days for moving. The truck will be there in the morning tomorrow, so tonight just about everything but the bed needs to be broken down and packed up -- and then the bed gets disassembled in the a.m. (So if I'm incommunicado for a few days, that's why.)

Of course, now that it doesn't matter if I'm at my desk or up front, the receptionist is in. Feh! LEAVE ME ALONE, IRONY! YOU PISS ME OFF! >:P

Oh well, to heck with it. I'm in a good mood today, I'm going to sit at my desk and dance. :)

-The Gneech

PS: Put it this way, I'm dancing on the inside. ;)

Me, My E-Mail, and Midwest Furfest

I've spent most of the morning getting my new e-mail account worked out, as well as clearing out some of the stuff that's been sitting in the "to do" pile (when I'm not, y'know, workin'). Apparently I've been invited to be part of a webcomics panel at MFF! Yay! I'll have to respond to that one tonight. I think I'll suggest they ask Vince, too, since he should be at MFF as well.

I'm thinking of auction off some artwork to help defray MFF costs. The original ink for the t-shirt image is one piece I have in mind to put up; I'm not sure what else I have that already exists that people might be interested in. I may do some new pieces specifically for this purpose, too. (If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them!) I have a nice idea for a NeverNever piece featuring Mopsy and Col. Beowulf, particularly.

Hopefully, once this move is done and out of the way, I'll have some more free time to work on stuff like that without being besieged by constant waves of "You should be doing X instead!"-type guilt. Man, I hate that!

Ah well, back to the grindstone here...

-The Gneech, besieged by guilt on a regular basis


Okay, first @ssholes tow away jamesbarrett's car while he's over helping us move (that's half a day's work I can't have back again), and now my new e-mail address is refusing to let me send stuff from Outlook Express. I can send it from the web interface ... just not from my e-mail software. It keeps saying the following:

The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The rejected e-mail address was 'thegneech@cox.net'. Subject 'Testing', Account: 'mail.comcast.net', Server: 'smtp.comcast.net', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '550 5.7.1 Relaying not allowed: thegneech@cox.net', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC79

As near as I can tell, that's computerese for "I don't wanna."


Grrf. And I need to get up at 5 a.m. to finish stuff before going to work early so Laurie can get back by the time the movers arrive in the morning.


Oh well; maybe there's something screwed up over at Comcast, and it'll be better in the morning. But I doubt it. I'll submit an error on the page and see what I get. I'm guessing, "a big ol' goose egg."

-The Gneech

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