September 30th, 2002


Gimme a Face With Hair, Long Beautiful Hair...

There's a lot I could talk about this past weekend ... how Laurie feels about the move, how I feel about the move, the broken lion plushie whose muzzle no longer moves when he roars, Camstone's gracious "Welcome to Reston!" with bread, wine, fursuit and all, missing the PandaGuy Picnic, and so forth ... but I'm not going to go into that. At least not right now.

Because this morning, I didn't realize that my beard trimmer was set back to "1" instead of the usual "6" and I SHAVED A SKUNK-STRIPE RIGHT UP THE MIDDLE OF MY BEARD!


When something is that screwed up, you just give up and start over. So I schwacked off the whole thing, and am now re-growing my beard from scratch.

FWIW, it at least serves as a reminder of why I grew the thing in the first place -- yuck! What a shapeless, simpery mass my face is without it! I make Truman Capote look rugged.

Fortunately, it will grow back relatively quickly, and life carries on.

One really cool thing happened this morning, tho ... a fellow by the name of Simon Jester wrote a poem about The Suburban Jungle and posted it to the Suburban Jungle message board -- how cool is THAT? =)

-The Gneech
Drezzer cool

The "Too Much To Do" List

Whoof; I've got a ton of stuff to do, and this stupid move has put some rather hefty kinks into my schedule. Unfortunately, August 30 was the deadline for MFF conbook submissions, so that's off the list by virtue of the fact that I blew it already. The FC conbook has a deadline of Dec. 15, so maybe I can get some stuff in there.

I haven't made any kind of arrangements one way or the other about FC ... I've been concentrating so hard on MFF, when I could devote brainpower to my comics at all. While I'd certainly like to go to FC, I don't really see it happening at the moment. It was a heck of a struggle to get there last year and ate a good deal of money.

Anyway, that's off in the future, and right now, I need to concentrate on the tasks at hand, which are:

  • Update SJ site news with T-shirt link

  • Update Quicken & pay rent and bills

  • Respond to MFF panel invitation

  • Draw Weds & Fri SJ and post for katayamma

  • Check out Hikaru's "Cut and Paste Theater" filler strips

  • Scan and post "The Wrong Setting" sketch

  • Arrange MFF hotel and travel (which can't be done until the bills and rent are taken care of)

  • Finish "Marble Halls" artwork

  • Finish buttons artwork and get to BJ

  • Print up MFF auction cameo certificate and mail

  • Work on commissions

I wish I could do more of this stuff while sitting around here at work, but c'est la vie. I can at least work on coming up with more ideas and pencilling more artwork for auction. In fact, I think I'll do that right now! ;)

Catcha later,

-The Gneech
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~$300 short again, even after big bonuses at work -- due mostly to not having money immediately ready for the security deposit on the new place. That just sucked up the bonuses Laurie and I got from Circle. We should be getting the deposit back from the old place in a couple of weeks -- but that won't enable us to pay the rent tomorrow.

Also, I seem to have destroyed Laurie's computer by being within proximity to it. Her hard drive is all bunged up and may very well be a total loss.

Oh yeah, I was going to draw at some point tonight, wasn't I? :P

I guess there'll be another advance on the CCard. But this bloody well better be the last one -- that was the whole POINT of this move, wasn't it?

I'm still going to MFF somehow, dagnabbit.

-The Gneech
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