October 7th, 2002


It's Dark. Got a Flashlight, Mongo?

Well, I didn't go jogging this morning because ... duh, oh yeah ... it was dark! Since I don't know the neighborhood yet, I decided it probably wasn't a wise idea to go blundering around in the pre-dawn, at least not until I have a route picked out. So I'll try and get the jog in this afternoon when I get home. My chiropractic appointments for the back injury have gone back to twice a week instead of three, so I have the evening free for joggery. Yay!

Today -- surprise, surprise! -- the receptionist is coming in late so I'm up front again. Pfui. And, in what is really a shocker, I have actual work today! Proofing, and working on the company newsletter, and Cold Fusion studying ... it's almost like having a real job!

How am I supposed to do any writing or sketching now? =:-o Dunno if I can cope! ;P

Oh well, there's a grindstone here with my nose's name on it. Guess I'd better get started.



-The Gneech =^.^=
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