October 9th, 2002


Pain, Marty?

Last night my chiroquacktor introduced a new "rehab" exercise into my visitation routine that involves doing squats while pressing my back against a giant rubber ball ... it's supposed to work my glutes, and I suppose it probably does, but it put most of my weight on my quadriceps ... and they're not used to it. After two sets of twelve, my thighs pretty much gave out.

Then, at something like five this morning, I awakened to a sharp, burning pain -- the quads on my left leg were cramping up like you wouldn't believe! Most of the time, when people wake up in agony with a leg cramp, it's in the calf muscle -- which is a much smaller muscle than the quadricep. The quads are something like four times as large as the calf muscle -- and hurt four times as much!

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. So now I'm gimping around just as bad as Laurie is with her hurt foot. Merf.

Nevertheless, we shall persevere!

For the record, here's today's "Too Much To Do" List:

  • Plan Nine Christmas promo piece (due MONDAY!)

  • Get files for prints to Dave Allen

  • Finish SJ for next week (almost done); format "C&P Theater" strips

  • Finish "Marble Halls" Mopsy/Beowulf pic to auction for MFF fund

  • Finish buttons artwork and get to BJ

  • Work on D&D

  • Come up with next MFF auction pic

  • Print up MFF auction cameo certificate and mail

  • Work on commissions

  • Work on SJ site redesign

  • New art style practice

  • Finish Soloman at the stones story

  • Work on Ethangea novel outline

Time to get started. Catcha later!

-The Gneech
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And Another One Bites the Dust...

I have a cellphone. It's a nice cellphone, I like it. But it has a problem.

It keeps killing belt clips.

It came with a belt clip, which snagged in the car door, and broke.

So, after a bit of looking, I managed to find a replacement belt clip, which was actually nicer than the original! So I was happy as a clam.

Today, the new belt clip snagged in the car door, and broke.

Le sigh. At least now I know where to get a replacement. I think I'll try putting the phone on the other side of my belt this time!

-The Gneech ("Stupid inanimate objects!")
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