October 12th, 2002


Ah, the Weekend! I Can Finally Get to Work! ... Um.

Monkey Bizness
Hmm ... Eddie's rather dramatic (potential) change has not exactly met with unreserved cheers. FWIW, it's still a work in progress anyhow. But since I don't have to start actually drawing the strips where he appears until next week sometime, I've still got time to figure out what I'm going to do with him. I think I'll let that stuff rest and "gel" a bit while I concentrate on the other stuff that has to be done today.

Valhalla, I Am Coming!
I'm hoping to run D&D tonight, for which I have just slightly more than "nothing" prepared. This session should be a fairly light wrapping up of loose ends after last time's session of serious butt-kicking, and preparation for their assault on the hidden Drow settlement at Uzthril.

That, on the other hand, will be the culmination of Shadows Under Thessalaine ... why the mysterious "harvests" that wiped out the sahaguin colony near Harwynn's Shoal? Who are the drow, and what do they want? Jaer will get to feed his hunger for orc slaughter ... and they will learn the true horror that is the mind flayer. Mwuuhuuhuuhahahaaa!

*ahem* Excuse me, sorry about that. Anyway!

The Much Too Much To Do List!

  • Work on D&D

  • Plan Nine Christmas promo piece (due MONDAY!)

  • Get files for prints to Dave Allen

  • Send greenie shirts to Kerry!

  • Arrange mini-meet for next week, before jadedfox leaves town

  • format "C&P Theater" strips

  • Finish "Marble Halls" Mopsy/Beowulf pic to auction for MFF fund

  • Finish buttons artwork and get to BJ

  • Come up with next MFF auction pic

  • Print up MFF auction cameo certificate and mail

  • Call MFF hotel and switch from 1 king to 2 doubles

  • Work on commissions

  • Work on SJ site redesign (go through Webmonkey CSS tutorial)

  • New art style practice (taking a break!)

  • Finish Soloman at the stones story

  • Work on Ethangea novel outline

I'm almost positive I've forgotten something; but until I remember what it is, I'm like Neville squeezing the remembrall. (Wow, that sounds like a euphemism for something, but I have no idea what! "Man, that guy really squeezed the remembrall, if you catch my drift!" Um. Let's not go there.)

Er, what was I saying? Hey! Something shiny! *chases*

-The Gneech