November 14th, 2002


Happy Happy Gneech

What's better than doing work you're pleased with?

Doing work you're pleased with for an appreciative audience. :)

Tonight I got a double dose of that. :) First was with the Hotel California/The Prisoner filk I wrote to post in the 21st Century Fox forum, and the second was ... well, I can't really say who it was, but let's just say it was artwork and it was well-received. :)

All that icky stuff from earlier in the week is gone now. :)

G'nite everybody. :) Find somebody handy and hug them for me!

-The Gneech
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Don't Wanna Work!

I don't wanna work!
I just want to draw my cartoons all day!
I don't wanna play!
I just want to draw my cartoons all day!

Herbie said I did good work! SQUEEE!

*a-HEM* Here we go again. Anyway...

A representative of NIMH came by today and looked at the site I've been knocking myself out on; she was very pleased, just had a few changes. Since the site goes live to the public on Monday, this is a good thing!

However, having sprinted to get to this point, now I don't feel like working on it any more for a while. Instead, I want to go home and draw! I still need to finish the TCM farewell strip, and really I'd rather do that tonight so Vince can see it early. I'm going to call my counselor and try to move tonight's appointment to early next week to free up tonight.

I was so friggin' bouncy this morning that I wore myself out! I need a nap now. :P

A Starbucks run may be in order.

Is it next week yet?

-The Gneech
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