November 20th, 2002

Kero asleep

Pre-MFF Too Much To Do List, Revisited

  • Finish SJ strips for next Weds, Fri, and Mon

  • Find and fill out necessary tax/sales paperwork (Ugh! :P ) They'll have these at the con, so I can do them later.

  • Print up price list and "Gneech will be back in X minutes" signs

  • Frames for same?

  • Comfort cards

  • Pack (clothes, duh, greenie shirts?, sketchbooks, tail?, post-it notes, tape (scissors are a no-no, thank you 9/11), colored pencils, pens for inking, a random sampling of strips and misc. artwork from over the years, Comfort cards, any prints I want to take)

  • Nice to have: ink and color the Ramses pic

  • Nice to have: new Leonard pic

  • Nice to have: strip for Weds following

  • Anything else I've forgotten

Is sleep on the list anywhere? No? Then I'd better add it.


-The Gneech (*thunk!* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
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