November 26th, 2002


Gonna Kick Its @ss

PCD* got its claws into me last night, and is trying to drag me down today. But I'm gonna kick its @ss.

I got better things to do than wallow in self-pity today.

That is all.

-The Gneech

*Post-Con Depression, a common affliction in the furry community.
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Kero Power Tie

PCD's @ss Kicked. Film at Eleven.

At the Furry Variety Show at MFF, they had a sketch goofing on LiveJournal. Four seemingly-normal folks would hang around and chitchat about everyday stuff ("The movie was pretty good..."), then go home and write in their LJ.

  • One posted nothing but tests and song lyrics

  • One posted entirely too much detail about their exercise regimen, including details of their stool samples

  • One posted lots of explicit details about their weird sex life

  • One posted "Gawd, I'm so depressed, when does the pain end???" over and over again.

Well, guess what? I'm guilty of those! Mwuuhahaha! But I don't care, it's my journal.

Actually, I almost never do tests, I am sadly lacking in any kind of weird sex life, and I try to keep my depressive angst down to one day a week. So I don't feel too bad about it.

Anyway, point is, I feel better now. :)

-The Gneech
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