December 2nd, 2002


Whoa, This Can't Be Right ... I'm Back at Work!

Waitaminute, I was supposed to have a four-day weekend! How can it be Monday already?

Feh. Time flies when you're being productive. :P

To that end, let's update the ol' Collapse )

On Another Topic...

This is pretty bad ... it's only December 2nd, and I'm already sick of Christmas music. The best classical radio station around here, WGMS, played nothing but Xmas, Xmas, Xmas all weekend and again all this morning, and I was climbing the walls. Now normally I like Christmas music, but come on! It's 23 days away, everybody! Pace yourselves for cryin' out loud!

How about a ratio of one Christmas tune for every three non-Christmas tunes played? Or if that's not enough, maybe base it on the number of weeks left until Christmas ... which would make it 1/3 this week, 1/2 next week, and 1/1 the week of Christmas itself. I could take that.

At least nobody's doing Kwanzaa carols. ;P

Oh, and before I forget, WHAT BUSINESS DOES ADAM-FRICKIN'-SANDLER HAVE GETTING AN ANIMATED MOVIE ALL TO HIS STUPID SELF! Talk about offensive images in the media!


-The Gneech
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Rumors and Stuff

Somebody told me yesterday that Ben Bruin apparently uses SJ as one of his favorite "bad examples." I don't know if it's true or not, and actually, I don't care all that much; I don't generally read Ben's stuff, and I know very little about him. But if it is true, it's flattering in a way ... it's nice to know that SJ is so prominent that enough people are familiar with it that it makes a target.

Sorta like Pokemon, y'know? If nobody was watching, Jim Groat's exploding pikachu gags wouldn't have an audience!

-The Gneech, master of all I survey!
Drezzer cool

A Whole New Look

I'm pondering a whole new, completely different look for the SJ site redesign, right down to the logo. The Mistral "The Suburban Jungle" and Lithos "Starring Tiffany Tiger" are striking and all, but lately, they kinda bore me. I look at sites like BlamBot, the late Danger Girl website (alas, gone but not forgotten), or Real Life and think, "Yeah, now there's a nice, clean, dynamic site design -- just the sort of showcase Tiffany deserves!"

But ... as of right now, I am stuck for ideas.

Something cool and glamorous (for Tiffany), but still tasteful. ;)

Um ... I'll get back to ya. :)

-The Gneech

PS: Or Toonapalooza! Did I mention Toonapalooza?