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December 4th, 2002

An Odd Moment

Have you ever found out somebody had a girlfriend or a fiance or whatever, and found yourself thinking, "But dude, you are, like, SO gay!!!"

I had that happen to me while reading somebody's LJ this morning. Odd sensation.

And no, I won't say who. ;P

-The Gneech

Is It My Imagination...

Or does Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld look like The Riddler in retirement?

"Riddle me this, Batman -- heeheehee *HACK COUGH COUGH*!"

-The Gneech


Hmm ... the internet is down ... guess I'll work. No, wait, I can't surf the pages to debug them.



I wonder if I have any e-mail? Oh, no, wait, the internet is down.


Why isn't anybody chatting today? Oh, no, wait, the internet is down.


Guess I'll check the weather -- oh, no, wait, the internet is down.


Guess I'll work on my to-do list. Lemme just retrieve it from LiveJournal -- D'Oh! Yeah. Internet. Down.


I just got a neat idea for a drawing of Tiffany meeting Tony the Tiger! I'll just go to Kelloggs.com and get some reference ... oh, no, wait, the internet is down.


*sit. fidget*

-The Gneech

Headlines From Planet Gneech

Well, the electricity bill was larger than anticipated, so kung fu will have to wait until my next paycheck. So I start a week from Monday. Feh!

The good news is, I scanned, cleaned, and posted Friday's and Monday's strips with nary a hesitation from my computer. The verdict is: the wipe and install of WinXP seems to have solved the problems beautifully. My computer no longer sucks, and therefore I no longer need a new one. Woohoo! =)

On to the next challenge. Where's that "Too Much To Do List?"

-The Gneech


I hate that, when you feel like you should say something, but you have no idea what!

-The Gneech, with absolutely no weighty or insightful comments

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