December 5th, 2002


Hollywood's Wicked, Wicked Ways

About half a foot of snow and still falling, so I'm home today. :) In the other room, Laurie's watching a really, really bad made-for-TV version of My Wicked, Wicked Ways, Errol Flynn's autobiography.

Errol was many things, but a smarmy git was not one of them.

Actually, thinking about him, I suddenly made a connection...

  • Handsome, charming man

  • Raised by an evil mother who verbally abused and berated him

  • Somewhat depressive

  • Roaming from one broken relationship to the next because he couldn't properly relate to women

  • Made bad decisions that got him into trouble, then beat himself with guilt about it for years

  • Harder on himself than he actually deserved

Holy cow! It was Conrad in a former life!

-The Gneech