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December 13th, 2002

Goofy Christmas Novelty Songs

Who hasn't heard "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" one more time than is funny anymore? Well, the radio stations around here love their goofy Christmas novelty songs, and I admit, I can enjoy them (I've got two albums full of Alvin and the Chipmunks), but sheesh. The latest one to be foist upon my unwilling mind was this morning's classy hit, "I Farted on Santa's Lap (Now Christmas Is Gonna Stink For Me)."

Somebody remind me again why I listen to the radio?

-The Gneech



CFIndex and CFSearch are just sitting on my head and crushing it.

The code is right! I've triple-checked that the code is right. But the search is returning bizarre, almost-random results! It's swapping fields for no good reason (intProductID and chvPubID are having their values swapped for some records -- but not ALL!), and it's driving me up a wall!

If it was happening for ALL of my search results, I could just swap the variable names and be done with it -- but it's not! It works right on one, then screws up another, then works right on the next one, all on the same page!

ColdFusion MX has some major problems, my fellow geeks. Stick with version 5!

-The Gneech

Followup: Okay, I fixed it. But sheesh!

Frustration Notwithstanding...

I am very thankful to have a real job again. Money goooood!

Now I can finish my Christmas shopping! ;)

-The Gneech, totally nuts about payday

Note To Myself: Some Artwork Stuff

Such a long way to go ... but I keep on pluggin'. :)

Hmm ... there are women in furry fandom, aren't there! ;)

-The Gneech


Another Note to Myself Re: Artwork'n'Stuff

Something I've got to remember is to keep in mind the long view when it comes to my artwork and my writing both. What I've done so far is just the beginning. I'm 33 years old, and I have three books published and a fourth on the way; my writing is good and solid, even if I haven't finished a novel yet; my artwork still has a way to go, but just look how much better it is now than when I started, etc.

I'm 33 ... who knows where I'll be when I'm 43? 53? 63? Look at somebody like Chuck Jones or Charles Schultz, when it comes to artwork, or Rex Stout when it comes to writing ... their careers all span lifetimes. Assuming nobody drops a piano on me, I've still got a long road ahead. Most people don't do their magnum opus until they're middle-aged or older -- chances are, my magnum opus, whatever it turns out to be, isn't even a glimmer in my eye yet. Or some little germ of an idea I have now may blossom into greatness someday, who knows? The future is infinite in possibility.

This is something that's easy to forget, when I'm focusing on the task du jour. All the effort I've poured into Suburban Jungle may turn out to be just the training ground for my real work ... after all the fretting I've done the past week (and the past seven years) about Michael Macbeth, he may end up being just a footnote in my life's story -- there's no way for me to tell!

I once read that life can only be lived forwards, and only understood backwards. (Unless you're Merlin, living backwards in time, but he was an oddity.) That's something I've got to remember!

-The Gneech


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