December 15th, 2002


Fickle Muse! Get a Grip On Yourself!

I very much don't want to work on Suburban Jungle for about a week and a half.

Instead, I want to work on this new D&D idea I have.

LAST week, when I was home for 20 hours of Personal Time Bank gone, I couldn't come up with anything useful. Now, when I have to get strips done for next week ASAP and plan to start Kung Fu on Monday and Wednesday nights so I'll have less time in the evenings, my brain only wants to work on something that I'd really rather not spend my time on!


All those people out there who say, "I wish I could write," or "I wish I could draw," you don't know how lucky you are to not have to deal with this crap. :P The creative mind is just as much a drag as it is a pleasure, and sometimes moreso.

-The Gneech
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