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December 16th, 2002

Oh, Well That's ... Not Very Useful...

"Search by Community: NOTE: The database is down so no results will be returned from the search page."

Um, okay. Maybe you should just comment out the links and such 'til it's fixed?

Actually, I was just interested to see what communities were out there, but I guess I'll never know, now ... woe is I!

-The Gneech

You Think I Can Defeat You? Hah!

BULLY: Ha! I'd better surrender to you, old man! My kung fu is no good! Every opponent I've faced has left me bleeding in the dust!

OLD MAN: Be confident, young man! For what I lack in youth and vigor, I also lack in experience and skill. You should not respect your elders!

BULLY: Oh, so you think I can beat you, eh? Ha! That's a laugh, old man! Ha! Ha! Ha!

OLD MAN: So regrettable, that the times have come to this. Young bullies think they can't just beat up any old man they see? Shameful!

BULLY: That's enough of your blabbing, old man! Now it's time for you to teach me a lesson!

OLD MAN: Come on then; you shall surely thrash me within an inch of my life.

Okay, what was the point of that?Collapse )

Is Anybody Listening? Bueller? Bueller?

Snagged from rigelkitty, a little essay from Ben Stien which some of you will love, and some of you will hate. :)

-The Gneech

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