December 19th, 2002


Evangelists and Anti-Evangelists

I went to college in Richmond, VA, which is in many ways a very nice city, but has "issues." There is a kind of militant backwardism there, as if everyone who thinks "Jimmy Crack Corn And I Don't Care" just about describes the perfect way of life has declared Richmond their Mecca. (Actually, I would imagine that the subtle irony of "Jimmy Crack Corn" is lost on most of such people, but that discussion is for another entry.)

Anyway, another thing that Richmond tends to have a lot of, is street evangelists. Marching in front of women's clinics, speaking in tongues, heading down to the town's grand total of two gay bars and shouting hateful epithets, etc. Most of them are pretty pathetic, actually, and after a while, you just sorta learn to walk around them.

Except for my friend, who I'll call "P." ;) Whenever confronted with a street evangelist, whether good, bad, evil, or pathetic, P. instantly became Mr. Heckler. P. considered (and I would imagine, still considers) himself to be a Christian (a kind of new agey pagan Christian, but still), but nevertheless seemed to find no better sport in his life than baiting the evangelists. His particular favorite thing to do was to start pulling out "evolution vs. creation" or "pro-choice" cliches and throwing them at his target, 'cause he knew it would get them riled.

This, for the rest of us in that particular group, soon got very tiresome. We wanted to just go on our merry way and ingore them, figuring that was the best way to discourage them -- engaging somebody with an axe to grind, just gives them a target to bury their axe in.

So eventually we all rounded on him and said, "Okay, look, WHY do you do this? There's no real debate there; you're not going to convince them, they're not going to convince you. All it does is create more anger and rancor in a world that has too much of that already."

"But they're so obnoxious," P. replied, "trying to force their views on everyone around them!"

"And you aren't?" one of us said. "They believe what they're saying to be true; you believe what you're saying to be true. Your yelling at them, is just as bad as their yelling at everybody else."

"No, it's different!" P. insisted. "Because I'm right, and they're wrong!"

He seemed very frustrated by how amused the rest of us were by that assertion.

-The Gneech
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-The Gneech
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I Don't Wanna

I don't wanna do SJ any more tonight. But tomorrow's isn't finished yet.

I don't wanna do this storyline; it's like poking at an irritated tooth.

I don't want to have told Vince, "can't talk now, gotta draw" during the only window of time he was online tonight.

I don't want the week I have the least time to draw in months, be the same week that I've got a bunch of complex layouts.

I am bummed.

-The Gneech
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