December 28th, 2002


For This I'm Famous?

On a little whim I ran "gneech" through Google to see what would come up; the overwhelming winner was an anti-Micro$oft page I put up back in 1996 or so in anger at being forced to abandon WordPerfect for M$ TurdWord.

It's kinda discouraging to think that more people care about the fact that I hate Micro$oft, than care about the comic strips I've been knocking myself out to produce. :P

One of these weekends, I'm going to have to go through and tear down all those ancient AOL pages I have, put up a new personal homepage that gets rid of a lot of that embarrassing old junk, and generally clean up my web presence.

I might look into getting a proper message board for the Grumman Goose page so people will stop sending me e-mail about it, too ... as much as I like the Goose, I don't have the mental bandwidth to pursue that particular interest any more.

-The Gneech


I completely forgot to post a Saturday Grab Bag! I was so distracted by feeling beat up last night that it slipped right out of my silly head. :P

Fixed now.

-The Gneech
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Martial Virtues

Humility (Qian Xu) -- I will always be humble.

Respect (Zun Jing) -- I will have respect for myself and others.

Righteousness (Zheng Yi) -- I will be righteous and wise in my thoughts and my actions.

Trust (Xin Yong) -- I will keep the promises I make.

Loyalty (Zhong Cheng) -- I will be loyal to my family and friends.

-The Gneech