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Speaking of the Twitterponies...

@mlp_Pinkie: [...]I'm going to draw a picture and you bring it to life! ... Can I borrow some paper and crayons?

@mlp_Twilight: *floats over some paper and pencil crayons* Here you go, @mlp_Pinkie!

@mlp_Pinkie: Thanks Twilight! *starts to draw*

@mlp_Pinkie: IT'S DONE! *holds up a picture of a steamboat with rainbow racing stripes* I call it the S.S. Dashie!

@mlp_Twilight: A ship? Where would we float it?

@mlp_Pinkie: In the water silly.

@mlp_Twilight: But I don't understand? Why would you want a ship with a Rainbow Dash theme, Pinkie?

@mlp_Pinkie: Because Dashie is the most shippable silly!

The Gneech (at work): *spurfle!*

Good one, Pinkie Pie! :D

-The Gneech
Tags: mlpfim, silly stuff, the internet is forever
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