January 1st, 2003

Kero Power Tie

New Year's Quickie

I'll post something more reflective and stuff ... later. Right now, I'm tired, and I just have enough energy to make a quickie post.

2002 started with me unemployed and living in Herndon; I then got the Starbucks job, which beat me senseless, but did enable us to keep body and soul together, and I'm grateful to have had it. It also taught me interesting stuff re: coffee connoisseurship and I met some very interesting people.

From Starbucks I went to the Circle Solutions facilities job, which also beat me senseless, but at half-again the pay, and with my foot in the door. Getting that job sent me into a burst of creative energy, enthused by the fact that we were making our expenses again, and bored silly by sitting around all day trying to look busy.

However, the facilities job was basically just a placeholder until I could get some ColdFusion training and get placed into the Web Programmer position, which I have had for a couple of months now and am very happy with, overall.

On a more personal note, I have had various friendships wax and wane; I got to meet level_head in person, became quite close friends with Vince, and continued to enjoy nearly-weekly D&D with Camstone and jamesbarrett. I didn't get to go to nearly as many furry events as I wanted to (I particularly missed the Cape May Furmeet and PandaGuy's Picnic this year), but I did get to go to Further Confusion, AnthroCon, DragonCon, and Midwest Furfest.

As far as resolutions go, I don't think ever explicitly stated what they were, but they boiled down to, "Get a real job, make a furry con cover at least half of its own expenses, and start taking kung fu." First one done, second one done and then some (MFF actually made me money), and the third one just squeaked under the wire, but is done!

I'm not sure what if any resolutions I should make for the coming year; what I want to do basically boils down to "onward, ever upward," but that's not exactly specific. I guess over the next few weeks or so I should start to see if I can concretize that some.

Anyway, happy happy new year, everyone. :)

-The Gneech