January 2nd, 2003

Kero asleep

Here We Go Again :P

Have you ever owned a dog that would only behave when you stood there watching him? Or a child likewise, for that matter? That's what my mood is doing. Yet again, I have to sit here and exert willpower to lift myself out of a random funk with no apparent cause.

For crying out loud, stupid mood, knock it OFF!

-The Gneech
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Kero Power Tie

Feast Day of St. Macarius

From my new "Forgotten English" calendar today...

Feast Day of St. Macarius, a fourth-century patron of chefs and confectioners. Once a confectioner himself, Macarius, who lived a desert existence during the last six years of his life, subsisted on an ascetic diet consisting of raw vegetables such as beans and cabbage. His nonviolent attitude toward animals was so deep-seated that once, as penance for having "murdered" a fly, he spent months allowing himself to be tormented by these insects. Nineteenth-century English physician Sir Robert Hutchinson took a less enthusiastic position on vegetarianism, saying that it "is harmless enough, although it is apt to fill a man with wind and self-righteousness."

-The Gneech
Kero asleep

A Victim of Kung Fu?

I wonder if my generally worn out and unenthusiastic feelings of the past couple of weeks could be a side-effect of the new kung fu classes? I have been exerting myself to the point of exhaustion twice a week for the past three weeks (well, only once this week, due to schedule conflicts), and even though I recover fairly quickly after class, that is energy that I haven't been using before now.

If that's the case, I may just have to resign myself to cutting back on my usual level of productivity for a while, until my body gets used to the new routine and begins to compensate. I used to jog regularly, and my body got used to that, so I imagine it'll get used to the kung fu as well.

-The Gneech, posting hourly for your entertainment (and because I'm bored senseless at work today)
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