January 6th, 2003

Boromir battle

Two Plus Two Plus One Plus One

Week number four, class number six of kung fu tonight.

<·> No rattling, squooshy lungs! Yay. :)
<·> I managed to last a little longer before I got winded.
<·> The workout I did on my own over the weekend definitely helped.

Weak Spots:
<·> Almost passing out is not fun.
<·> I'm still the only one who can't keep going.
<·> I'm still last one to finish every drill.

NOTE TO MYSELF: Remember to take your bottle of water next time, so you don't have to buy one on the way to class.

Now I've got to get some drawing done in the few moments I have left before system shutdown, then get me some sleep. G'nite all. :)

-The Gneech
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