January 14th, 2003


From My "Forgotten English" Calendar

The gulon is a devouring and unprofitable creature, having sharper teeth than other creatures ... It has the face of a cat and the body and tail of a fox. It is black of color; its feet and nails are most sharp; its skin is rusty, the hair very sharp. The gulon feeds upon carcasses. When he has found a carcass, he eats so violently that his belly stands out like a bell. Then he seeks some narrow passage between two trees and there draws through his body, and by pressing it, he drives out the food he has eaten. And being so emptied, he returns ... and so continues eating and emptying till all be eaten ... This beast was not known to the ancients, but hath been since discovered in the northern parts of the world.

      --Edward Topsell's History of Four-Footed Beasts, 1607

Hmm. You'd think people would notice a thing like that running around the northern climes! I like the description "devouring and unprofitable creature." Sounds sorta like America Online.

-The Gneech

Random Comment

I'm not so much surprised that my shin muscles are sore, as I am that my shins have muscles.

-The Gneech
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Decision Made

I just bought tickets for Laurie and myself to attend Shaolin Wheel of Life at Lisner Auditorium, a week from Friday. That, I think, will be the last splurge for me for a while. :)

If it weren't so close to Further Confusion, I'd consider auctioning off some artwork to pay for the show. However, since large swaths of the furry community will be saving up their dough to spend at the con, the market's not the greatest for art auctions right now. I'm thinking that in February/March, when there aren't that many furry events going on, might be a better time.

I hope Kerry does well at FC. If you see her there, buy a shirt! ;)

-The Gneech