January 17th, 2003


Ponderous, Man, Really Ponderous

I have spent the past two weeks manufacturing work for myself at my job because I can't move forward on my real work until other parties get on the stick and send me their pieces.

I was supposed to have it all this past Monday.

Frankly, the prospect of spending another day doing that has got me depressed. It's been wearing me down all week, and is the primary reason there's no SJ today. So screw it, today I'm working on my own stuff. Half the office is out because of the light powder pretending to be snow anyway; I may just take off at lunchtime and use vacation time so I can go home and get some stuff done.

I'm disgusted and irritated, which is a step up from the morose and pathetic I was last night and this morning. At least being disgusted involves energy and not whining.

-The Gneech
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