January 26th, 2003

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Chop It Off, Ko-Ko, Chop It Off

Well, I decided to strike while the iron was hot, or some such thing, and went with the Hugh Grant haircut. Specifically, I took pics of Hugh Grant in to the hair place and said, "Gimme this."

She did a pretty good job, I must say. I'm still undecided on whether I like this cut better than my last one or not, but I've got time to ponder that. If I want my hair long in the back again, it'll take a couple of years to get there!

Comments welcome. :)

-The Gneech

What To Do With My Day?

Throat got all irritated again, this time by the run in the freezing air to get to the Shaolin show on time followed by WAY TOO MUCH INCENSE in the theater, and my back, feeling neglected, decided it wanted to get in on some of that pain action, too. So yesterday and today both I woke up and headed straight for the Advil. Not my favorite way to start a day, obviously, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Today I intend to finish off my taxes, which shouldn't take that long (most of it's done already), and generally clean up around the house, as well as get some friggin' SJ drawn for next week, dangit!

Only problem is, I'm restless. I want to get out and do stuff ... this long drag of a winter is giving me cabin fever. Even with the sore throat and aching back, I would love to get a bunch of the guys from the school together and go work out in a big open field somewhere -- except that it's way too cold to do that without risking getting sicker. [1]

I get this way every winter, and it gets worse and worse until spring starts to tentatively poke its nose out around here. Suddenly I want to go running, jumping, and punching, and I browbeat Laurie, jamesbarrett, and HantaMouse into going to Great Falls or up to the mountains or somesuch. I am an adventurer at heart, one who sadly spent most of his life trying to reconcile that boisterous spirit with a body made of cream cheese. The kung fu is certainly helping me go great strides there. I'm not gonna be ready to scale rock walls THIS spring, probably ... but maybe NEXT!

Of course, it's hard to go running, jumping, and punching when your lumbar is pinching, twitching, and straining ... but that doesn't change my MOOD for it any!

-The Gneech, wondering where the Ark of the Convenant ever got to

[1] My dad, if he were here, would pop up at this point and say with great sanctimoniousness, "It isn't cold air that makes you sick, it's viruses and bacteria." Thanks dad, we know that, y'know. However, getting a chill (like, say, wearing a damp, sweaty shirt and then getting hit by a cold gust of wind) will still make your body cough and get clogged up, thus making it easier for viruses and bacteria to have their wicked way with you.

My dad is odd that way ... he'll let all sorts of BS go rolling on by, then suddenly latch on to some TRUTH! that he will hound you about in a strange state of outrage. But anyway...
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Good News for SJ Fans, and Some Stuff

The strip returns tomorrow!

I hope my throat and back return to working order tomorrow, too! It's class night.

Today was an odd day; after my last post (re: running, jumping, and punching), Laurie and I went out for a nice walk in the warm sunshine. Two hours later, it was a winter wonderland outside. Everything is covered in snow again now. WTF?

I pulled out Tomb Raider II and played it some, hoping that running, jumping, and punching (well, shooting) vicariously through Lara Croft might help. It didn't really, tho, partially I suspect because after watching real live monks do flips and cartwheels and stuff, watching a connected set of polygons shaped like a buxom woman doing the same thing, just doesn't impress.

(Don't get me started on the Tomb Raider movie. What a disappointment THAT was!)

Oh, that reminds me, I happened to catch the tail end of Mummy Returns this afternoon, and thought, "Hey! Brendan Fraser has my haircut!" Heehee. :) Actually, his is a little shorter, but the thought amused me, anyhow.

Hmm ... looks like that's it for now. G'nite, LiveJournal. :)

-The Gneech
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