January 27th, 2003

Boromir battle

Whoa ... Bricks DON'T Float, Do They?

Well, this Hugh Grant haircut really works! Elizabeth Hurley rang up to tell me what a bastard I am. The only part I can't figure out is, how did she know?

Anyway, class was very enjoyable tonight, croaky throat notwithstanding. Lots of concentrating on a single set of moves until we got them just right, lots of stretching, lots of brickwork.

What's brickwork, you ask? (I knew you would!) Well, brickwork is just like a regular drill, except done holding bricks. For example, you think it's hard work doing fifty horizontal punches? That's nothing compared to doing fifty horizontal punches while holding a brick in each hand!

So now, as you might guess, my shoulders and chest are a bit on the sore side. But I'm pleased that I went to class, even though that dumb voice in my head was saying, "Well, you've got a sore throat, maybe you shouldn't go tonight." Maybe I should have let Liz talk to IT, instead.

Nice thing is, that voice is getting weaker and weaker; every time I go to class, the voice loses just a little more strength ... because there's a NEW voice in my head that's saying, "All riiiiight, Kung Fu class!" And what's more, if I don't go to class for an extended length of time (for instance, I only went once last week, since the Wheel of Life show was Friday night), that voice starts saying, "Hey, dude, what's up with that? We gotta get to Kung Fu class!"

I'm changing, inside and out ... it's an exciting thing to go through. I wonder where it's going to lead?

-The Gneech