February 8th, 2003


The Amazing Vanishing Gneech

According to Spanky the Wonder Scale, this morning I'm 268, 38% bodyfat. This is very close to my personal best of 264.5, 42% -- thank you, Kung Fu! :)

Of course, this IS Spanky the Wonder Scale, that declared with utter conviction that I was 290 lbs. on January 11th because I put it on a different spot of the floor -- so I can only put so much stock in what it says. However, I've been using a consistent spot for all of my other measurements, and it's the only gauge I have, so I'll have to just watch for trends.

And now, just for torakiyoshi, I am going to switch the sentence in my user info that says, "I Wish I Was: 75 lbs. lighter and more self-confident," to "I Wish I Was: 65 lbs. lighter and more self-confident," because I wrote that 10 lbs. ago. Gotta track progress, after all! ;)

Speaking of all of which, it's time for my Saturday workout. Catcha later!

-The Gneech, gettin' better all the time
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